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Read the letter from Kate to her friend Liz. Use the present perfect or the simple past.

Hi Liz,

We (be) in Italy since last Sunday and we (have) a great time up to now. The weather (be) fantastic all week. It (not rain) so far and we (be) in the hotel swimming-pool or in the sea every day. Last night we (go) to an great disco. My sister (meet) a nice English boy. They (dance) together all evening. I think she (fall) in love. I also (make) some good new friends here, but I (meet) anyone special so far. I (take) lots of photos to show you. How (be) your trip to the Baltic Sea? you (have) a good time? you (meet) anyone exciting? I`m sorry that I (leave) home before you (get) back.

See you soon.